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Here you find all the past events and artists we have worked with at PARANORMA.


06.02.2024     19.00 Uhr

“NORA” – A contemporary circus with live music.

Artist: 7 women company

Tickets at the box office: 15€ / Reduced: 12€
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NORA ist ein Stück über Stärke und Verletzlichkeit, Angst und Mut, Zweifel und Entscheidung. Regisseurin Anna-Katharina Andrees bringt fünf Künstlerinnen und eine Musikerin zusammen, um in einer episodischen Collage innere Erfahrungswelten für das Publikum sichtbar zu machen. Durch Zirkus, Tanz und Theater, begleitet von einem live gespielten Soundtrack der Musikerin Dorothy Bird, werden die inneren Konflikte der Protagonistinnen auf der Bühne lebendig und nachvollziehbar. 

NORA is a piece about strength and vulnerability, fear and courage, doubt and decision. Director Anna-Katharina Andrees brings together six artists to make inner worlds of experience visible to the audience in an episodic collage.Through circus, dance, and theatre, accompanied by a live original soundtrack, the inner conflicts of the protagonists come to life and become relatable on stage.

With: Bronwen Pattison, Estrella Urban, Julia Fiebelkorn, Milena Schulz,Tanja Stolting, Yoka Judith Rapp 
Composition and Livemusic: Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird 
Costumes: Bronwen Pattison
Dramaturgy: Geordie Brookman
Outside eye: Annika Hemmerling, Roman Škadra
Conzept, Direction & Production: Anna-Katharina Andrees 
Supported by: Zirkus ON. Zirkus ON wird gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien über das Programm Verbindungen fördern des Bundesverbandes Freie Darstellende Künste e.V..



29./30.01.2024     19.00 Uhr

“Tape” – a dance of questioning, developing, and shaping our connections as contemporary beings.

Artist: Saeed Asadsangabi & Giulia Rossi

Tickets at the box office: 15€ / Reduced: 10€
Reservation at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein. 

Amidst a collective expanse, reflections echo on the intricate needs and boundaries of individuals. Witnessing TAPE becomes a journey into the subjective mindscape, a dance of questioning, developing, and shaping our connections as contemporary beings.

As a noisy protagonist, the organic plastic tape unveils hidden power dynamics and its simple physicality digs into the roots of authentic experiences. Affective relations and our belongingness, or lack thereof, unveil a tapestry of internal processes shaping our interactions—an intimate choreography of self and others.

Within this artistic endeavor lies a personal odyssey, a questioning of our own violence as actors or victims. These roots become keystones in the fight for a richer, more profound existence. What do I take on when meeting others and what do others take on when meeting me?

Saeed Asadsangabi is a non-binary Dancer and choreographer from Iran and based in Berlin. They moved to Tehran in 2018 and there they had this chance to make them own Performance co_choreoghraphy with Raha Soleymani and brought to city festival in Tehran and international Marivan Festival. They moved to Germany in 2020 for the biennale tanz festival, and stay in Germany since that time. In Frankfurt am Main they work with Doris Uhlich for ((Habitat pandemic version)) and have a tour to Warsaw, Amsterdam, münchen, Basel. Saeed is the student of HZT Berlin for Bachelor program since 2022.

Giulia Rossi studied dance at the Maria Olenewa State Dance School at the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they graduated in 2017. In 2018, they joined the Cymru II Ballet in Wales and had the opportunity to dance classical and contemporary pieces with countless choreographers. They moved to Berlin in 2020 and currently work as a dance teacher, freelance dancer and study at the Bachelor program of HZT.


22.01.2024     20.00 Uhr
The Red Folder

“The Red Folder” – a multilingual theater performance with live music.

Artist Group: Urban Theatre


It’s a story of international family of three: mom, dad and little girl, who had to leave Russia and can’t go to Ukraine because of the war. It’s a „road movie“ of their few months travel through 12 countries of Europe.

"The Red Folder" - it’s a folder with documents, which each immigrant or refugee should collect on the way. So, it’s a true story based on documents of this family, but turned into the uplifting form of fairytale which parents telling their daughter.

This story isn’t about war, this story about people on the way, the people who helps each other, who making life better and actually running this world. It’s about you. Starting as an ordinary travel-story, it goes into the myth and talking about Human population in general.

Languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian (with surtitles) Other languages can also be heard in the play: Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian


Illia Rudakov, ukrainian theatre and film actor, he studied in Kyiv National Theatre University and St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy. Since 2017 he is participant of international theatre projects in Germany and Ukraine, leader of acting workshops in Bulgaria and Ukraine. Professional ballroom dancer (Candidate Master of Sports). Musician. Today lives in Berlin (Germany), works in Urban Theatre and Wheels Theatre Ensemble (Berlin).

Olha Kryvosheieva, actress at Theater Wheels (Berlin), Lecturer in Acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art. Since 2012, she has been a regular participant in international theater festivals, workshops, conferences. Today she studies at the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology (Ukraine).

Luis Krummenacher is born 1990 in Richterswil (CH), grew up in Kassel, Master of European Media Studies in Potsdam. Works for S27 - Art and Education in Berlin-Kreuzberg and as an actor, artist, musician und performer.

Mikhail Poliakov is a theater and film actor, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Worked as a presenter of a musical program on television, teacher of musical ensemble. Musical director of plays and films. Lives and works in Berlin.

Artistic team

Arina Slobodianik, scenographer and visual artist who works internationally, designed more than 30 productions across Russia and USA, recipient of Fulbright scholarship for the work in stage design, participated in Tbilisi Biennale of stage design in 2020, recipient of Golden Mask award in Experiment section as a part of a team of "Simulator of school" project produced by Access Point Festival in Saint-Petersburg. As a designer, interested in explorations of the stories through the space, using interdisciplinary approaches and various mediums.

Yaroslav Bulavin, video-artist and photographer. His experimental films, music videos and photo series has won many festivals around the world. Currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Natalia Lapina, Director, Artistic Director of Urban Theatre. Theatre Director of more than 40 shows in Russia, Estonia, Poland, USA. Participant and winner of many International Theatre Festivals (Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom) Nominee and winner of a few Russian prestige Theatre Awards. Participant of New York Lincoln Center Director’s Lab and Chicago Director’s Lab. In Berlin co-operating with Wheels e. V. theatre company.

Lea Svenja Dietrich lives and works as a contemporary dancer, performer and choreographer in Berlin. In addition to her collaboration with numerous artists in recent years, she works closely with TanzTangente and is part of the international theater ensemble WHEELS, in which context she has been involved in the creation of various international theater plays, both as a performer and as a choreographer.


18. / 19.12.2023     19.00 Uhr

"Harmonie" – Theatre performance, circus, manipulation of objects.

Artist: Francesca Merisio


In a past era, where restrictions crushed creativity and women were silenced, emerges the story of Arlet Lila. A young woman with a forbidden passion: writing. She writes out of necessity, out of fantasy, out of passion. Each story is part of her story.
"Harmonie" transports us to a world of intrigue and secrets, where the stories she writes come to life in magical and surprising ways. Her imagination gives shape to parallel worlds, from fears to unfinished stories... 
The mixture of charm, comedy and manipulation of objects makes this a wonderful play to watch. Visual and conceptual theatre that mixes circus techniques.

Francesca Merisio is a multidisciplinary artist who combines circus and theatre. From 2008 to the present, she has had a long career as a versatile stage artist specialising in comedy theatre, street theatre and independent variety shows. She works as a presenter, creator of shows and acts, and since 2019, as an educator. Her skills include hula hoop, object manipulation, clown, trampoline acrobatics and the German wheel (Röhn Rad).


11. / 12.12.2023     19.00 Uhr

"COLOR ME" – A blending of movement and advocacy that aims to bridge gaps between cultures. 

Artist: Sarina Panahides


Sarah Panahideh is an artist in exile. She navigates a path filled with both struggle and growth. COLOR ME explores how society shapes the complexities of identity as foreigners, balancing personal identity, artistic vision, and adapting to a new culture. The performers in COLOR ME hail from different corners of the world, including Iran, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

Sarina Panahideh, an actress, dancer, choreographer, and theater director, recently relocated to Berlin from Iran. Using contemporary dance as her medium, she expresses the intricate emotions associated with identity in exile, aiming to transcend boundaries and foster understanding.

"I've found that when language was a barrier, my body became a universal communicator. Through dance, my body can connect with people more profoundly than my words ever could."


05.12.2023     19.00 Uhr
Von der Schönheit ein Stück weggeschnitten

"Von der Schönheit ein Stück weggeschnitten" – Eine multidisziplinäre Performance zum Thema psychische Krankheiten.

Artists: Theresa Zinser / Sigrun Johanna Zinser

Tickets nur an der Abendkasse: 15€ / Ermäßigt: 10€ 

Bilder und Tagebücher verstauben auf einem Dachboden, weil die Erinnerungen und die Konfrontation damit zu schmerzlich scheinen. Nach dem Umzug der von Schizophrenie betroffenen Künstlerin Sigrun Johanna Zinser in ein Pflegeheim bleibt ihr Werk unbeachtet und in Kisten verstaut. Bis ihre Tochter die Reise in die Vergangenheit wagt.

„Von der Schönheit ein Stück weggeschnitten“ ist eine multidisziplinäre Performance, in der sich drei Künstlerinnen die Frage stellen, wie es ist, der Erlebniswelt des „Wahnsinns“ zu begegnen - als Betroffene, als Angehörige und als Freunde. Mit Mitteln des zeitgenössischen Zirkus sowie anhand von Tagebuchtexten, Video- und Bildprojektion wagen sie eine (auto-) biographische Spurensuche, die die Schaffenskraft und Kreativität, aber auch der Tabuisierungserfahrung einer Künstlerin beleuchtet, deren Weg allzu oft in der Psychiatrie endete.

Sigrun Johanna Zinser- Klaviermusik, Text
Theresa Zinser- Zirkusperformance, Text
Blandine Casen- Videoinstallation, Text
Anika Lachnitt- künstlerische und dramaturgische Beratung


27. / 28.11.2023     10.00 Uhr
Art Therapy Workshop "Giving Body to a Poem"

“Giving body to a poem” – A series of art therapy workshops. 

Artists: Erika Pfeffermühle & Irene De La Herran 

Tickets 27.11.

Tickets 28.11.

At the art therapy workshops we create a safe space where we can self-explore ourselves while playing with our inner creativity. We don’t focus on the result but on the experience itself, on the process. The workshops are a space to get your hands dirty and feel free to experiment with colors, paint, shapes and words while we listen what’s moving inside of us. To attend to this workshop you don’t need a special creative background or artistic knowledge.

Erika Pfeffermühle, is a multidisciplinary artist and an art therapist born in Barcelona near the sea. Studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and has an Art therapy master’s degree by the University of Girona (Grefart). In 2012 she moved to Berlin after she finished her University degree. There she would explore different techniques, analogic photography, writing, painting and making serigraphy.

After 6 years, Erika decided to move back to Barcelona where she started making ceramics and focusing on her Master’s degree. The extensive experience with artistic materials gives her a steady ground to build her art therapy workshops and her sensitivity also plays an important role during the sessions. As an art therapist she specialized on working with women at risk of social exclusion as well with motherhood in situation of vulnerability.


06.11.2023     20.00 Uhr
War Baby Dreams

“War baby dreams” – one small step for an actor – one giant leap for the musical industry.

Artist: Vsevolod Kovalenko


This performance is a one-man musical based on the American novel “The Basketball Diaries” about a young boy, who lives in NYC in the middle of the ’60s. He plays basketball, writes poetry, argues with God, and is afraid of the consequences of the Cold and Vietnam War. In an attempt to hide from reality, gradually, he is becoming addicted to heroin and starts to write a diary, where he can talk openly about politics, society, and his inside world.

“War Baby Dreams” is directed, composed, and performed by Russian actor and musician Vsevolod Kovalenko, who left his country because of his anti-war position and disagreement with the Russian government. This performance – is his Antiwar and pacifist statement, showing, how any war destroys people even if they do not attempt into the war action itself.

Vsevolod Kovalenko is a Director and Performer, who graduated from State Institute Of Performing Arts (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) as an Actor. He is the main singer of the band "Cheap Dramas" (rus - "Дешёвые драмы"), that was the most famous street band in St. Petersburg with hundreds thousands of views on their YouTube channel. In 2020 they released their first album. They have played at major concert venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg. After Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vsevolod left the country because of his anti-war and opposition stance. Now he works and lives in Berlin.