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Ponçi, Posti, Dosti & Pappi

Ponçi, Posti, Dosti & Pappi

Ponçi, Posti, Dosti & Pappi

A children's theatre play without language

Ein Kindertheaterstück ohne Sprache

Dilsiz bir çocuk tiyatro oyunu

While Pappi's cheerful and orderly life continues, an unexpected character enters with a totally different mode. Let’s see how they get along.
This play gently touches on the themes of friendship, sharing and acceptance. Interactive moments, catchy tunes, and simple production is inspiring children to play in their daily lives. It’s promising an unforgettable experience for both young audiences and those young at heart.

In Pappis fröhliches und geordnetes Leben tritt ein unerwarteter Charakter mit einer völlig anderen Art. Wie werden die beiden sich wohl verstehen?
Dieses Stück berührt sanft die Themen Freundschaft, Teilen und Akzeptanz. Interaktive Momente, eingängige Melodien und eine einfache Inszenierung regen die Kinder dazu an, in ihrem Alltag zu spielen. Es verspricht ein unvergessliches Erlebnis für junge und jung gebliebene Zuschauer.

Pappi'nin neşeli ve düzenli hayatı devam ederken, beklenmedik bir karakter tamamen farklı bir tavırda içeri girer. Bakalım bu iki karakter nasıl anlaşacaklar?
Bu oyun arkadaşlık ve paylaşma temalarına nazikçe işaret ediyor. İnteraktif anlar, akılda kalıcı melodiler ve basit prodüksiyonu ile çocuklara günlük yaşamlarında oyun oynamaları için ilham veriyor. Ponçi ve Pappi'nin dostluğu, hem genç izleyiciler hem de kalbi genç olanlar için unutulmayacak bir deneyim olacaktır.

Created and Performed by: Simge Günsan, Öner Erkan
Music by: Nilipek / Kaan Erkan
Supervisor: Nielspeter Kløft
Produced by: Kadro pa and Lapa Berlin
Language: Gibberish
Duration: 30 dk
Age Group: 3-9 and adults

History of the play
After the earthquake in Turkey on 6.02.2023, this play was conceived as a heartfelt response to bring warmth and solace to the lives of children affected by the disaster. Coming together with numerous children in the region, we witnessed their keen attention during the performances, their focus unwavering, and their subsequent joy as they continued singing the song from the show. Complementing the play, we distribute postcards with a picture of the characters, which the children cherish, using them as canvases to etch and preserve memories. Through the play's simple design, our intention is to kindle the imaginations of these resilient children, encouraging them to create their own world of joy through play. Our ultimate goal is to foster the growth of solidarity and empathy as we collectively nurture and care for one another with profound sensitivity.

History of Companies
Kadro pa was established in 2011 in Istanbul and Izmir /Turkey. Macbeth in the Kitchen was our first show as Kadro pa and it is the most traveling piece of our company. After the first experimentation, we have continued in reconstructions of classic theater texts. As Kadro pa we are looking for ways of telling stories. Lapa Berlin was founded in 2023 for artists from different disciplines and cultures living/producing in Berlin to meet on a sheltered and egalitarian ground. The multi-purpose ensemble focuses its work on theater, but also aims to establish partnerships with different organizations from the fields of performance, music, dance, cinema, visual arts, film and literature. LAPA has both an original and sincere understanding of art, which multiplies by sharing, serving easily accessible, peaceful and liberating spaces.

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Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Datum der Veranstaltung 14-07-2024 13:00
Einzelpreis Abendkasse: 10€
Veranstaltungsort Ballhaus Prinzenallee